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find a femdom mistress

The different things that you should do to keep your femdom mistress happy.

A femdom mistress is a woman who takes the dominant role in a BDSM relationship. If you want to keep your femdom mistress happy, there are a few things you should do.

First, you should always be respectful of her. This means following her rules and obeying her commands. If you show her disrespect, she will likely punish you.

Second, you should always be willing to serve her. This means doing everything she asks of you, whether it is running errands for her or doing household chores. A femdom mistress is not a maid, but she does expect her submissive to do everything she asks.

Third, you should always show her your submission. This means that you should kneel or bow when you greet her, and you should always speak in a submissive tone. You should also avoid eye contact unless she tells you it is okay.

Fourth, you should be willing to accept her punishments. This means that if she decides to spank you or otherwise discipline you, you should not fight back or argue with her. You should take your punishment stoically and show her that you are willing to accept whatever she decides to do to you.

Finally, you should always be grateful for everything she does for you. This means thanking her for every privilege she gives you, no matter how small. A femdom mistress is not a mind reader, so she will appreciate it if you show her your gratitude.

If you follow these guidelines, you will keep your femdom mistress happy and make your relationship with her much stronger. Original source

The different things that you should avoid doing when around your femdom mistress.

When you are around your femdom mistress, there are a few things you should avoid doing. First and foremost, never show any weakness or insecurity. Your femdom mistress is in control, and she wants to see you as a strong and confident man. Never give her any reason to doubt your strength or your abilities.

Secondly, never challenge her directly. Your femdom mistress is the one in charge, and she will not tolerate any challenges to her authority. If you have something to say, say it respectfully and without any attitude.

Finally, never try to dominate her in any way. Your femdom mistress is in charge, and she will not tolerate any attempts to dominate her. Domination is a two-way street, and she will only accept it from someone who is truly worthy of her submission.

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